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Globally, Manufacturers often work with a minimum production capacity for Products, which of course affects the total cost of the products. In most cases we find wholesalers or buyers struggling with either the price or quantity of these products, as it might be too expensive or more than the desired quantity for one wholesaler or buyer. This makes it difficult for both manufacturer and wholesaler or buyer.


Fufacrowd has been invented & created by Fufatrade to enable two or more persons to share the total cost of a product from the manufacturer. We are a people first company and this idea has been created by Fufatrade to help the single buyer, upcoming wholesaler, or business minded shopper to achieve that desire of sharing the cost and quantity of a product with another person, protected by Fufapay (A Registered financial system on Fufanetwork).


Local or International Manufacturers can now complete the verification process on Fufatrade to start selling regardless of production capacity. 

How It Works

To see how it works and meet other wholesalers or buyers, You need a buyer, wholesaler or manufacturer/supplier account on Fufatrade.

After you have created your account we will send the tools, explainer videos, Manual on how it works directly to your email. 

To create your account click here 

So when next you want to buy from a manufacturer and his minimum or production capacity is too much for you. Visit Fufatrade.ng to share the cost with other wholesalers like you through Fufacrowd on www.fufatrade.ng



  • Anyone who is or has the intention of becoming a wholesaler.   
  • You must be above 15years
  •  You must have a wholesalers account here on fufatrade.ng (Registering as a wholesaler is easy create an account as a vendor and in your account dashboard you can click the *Switch to wholesaler* button) for any help with this chat the online agent or send an email to fufacare@fufatrade.ng
  • We must verify your identity.
  • The number of slots depends on the manufacturers minimum production capacity. Fufatrade will divide it in such a way that it will be affordable. find the number of slots on a product in the Fufacrowd details tab on the product page.
  • Just below the item the number of slots already taken and slots available will be displayed. where slots are completely taken, you can refresh in 3-5mins to start another circle.
  • After your checkout you will receive an email from Fufatrade to let you know your slot position on that particular trade.
  • Yes you can decide to become the owner of 2slots. all you have to do is to double the quantity of the item via the quantity increase or decrease button.
  • Alternatively you can purchase by checking out as 1 slot, and then purchase again and checking out as the second slot. contact fufacare for help if you need assistance 


  • The maximum number of days for Fufacrowd circle to be completed is 5.
  • When a Fufacrowd circle starts and only 1-3slots are taken in 5days, that trade will close or continue depending on the current slot holders, each slot holder will receive an email to inform them that it is the 5th day since their trade started and it will now close due to remaining slots not taken. Current slots holders  in the email sent to them will have the option of buying remaining slots, leave the trade or continue waiting. the final decision will depend on the response and majority will win the next decision on that trade. After decision has been taken slot holders will receive another email on the 6th day to know the decision and status of the trade. 

Slot holders can cancel their order in 24hrs on Fufacrowd, After 24hours, orders on Fufacrowd can not be canceled. If the former is the case money will be refunded to you minus the Fufapay charge. If your account details can not be reached you will be notified by email and your money will automatically reflect on your Fufapay user account Dashboard.

After the Fufacrowd slots are taken and holders complete, the order will proceed and manufacturers will release the products. If it is shipped from abroad the shipping progress will begin and items will be sent to each slot holder depending on the address you entered during checkout. Kindly take note of the estimated delivery date of each item on the product page to know when that product will be delivered. 

Yes you can.

  1. You need to have a premium account on Fufatrade. to read more about this click HERE
  2. You will need to create a ticket from your account contacting admin and stating your request in  the ticket.
  3. You will receive a form to your email via your ticket which you will fill. After submission a fufacare agent will be assigned to your store and if we are satisfied with your verification you will be given access to sell as a manufacturer. To read more about manufacturers account Kindly click here

During checkout on the billing page you are to enter the correct country address and state as the system will automatically calculate the price for delivery to that state, Note that we use a third party to deliver. in Nigeria, we use GIG Logistics, and if you are outside Nigeria you can speak with a Fufacare agent to know which company partners with us to deliver to that zone.

Each slot holder pays for delivery, as we know that each slot holders may live in different location. On the checkout page the system will automatically calculate and add your delivery or shipping fee to your total sum for each product.

No you may not pay for delivery twice if you are taking two slots. all you have to do is to enter or increase the pcs or quantity of the product you are buying and the system will still see that all item will be delivered to one address.

EXAMPLE: We know that if *Baby dress* has a maximum production number of 12pcs. each slot holder is entitled to 3pcs (12pcs÷4slots=3pcs each) that said if you are purchasing 2slots all you should do is increase the quantity of the items to 2 

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